Emoji Marketing

Emoji is the new language of business and social communications. It is universal because it appeals to all readers. And what people like about emoji’s is that they convey a message without the accompanying eyestrain. People increasingly want simplicity. The written language has become rather complicated and is often being misinterpreted. The emoji bridges the language gap. It is neither French nor Chinese nor English nor Japanese. Emoji’s are a step beyond language. They are able to convey emotions without using words.  And studies have shown that the emoji can indeed reduce buyer anxiety.  Emoji’s are friendly and, furthermore, they are, to many people an effective tool for communicating not just ideas but feelings as well. Pictures speak a thousand words and the emoji is one such picture. No more needing to write too much because one emoji can impart a lot already. Furthermore, an emoji does not require a lot of cost and work to install.

The emoji went low for a few years but this year, it has been found to proliferate once again in Facebook, Twitter and other social media. In fact, companies, like NASCAR, Baskin-Robbins, GE, Budweiser, Deadpool, Dominoes, and Taco Bell, now rely on the emoji to guarantee bigger ROI. Some companies in fact, like Disney and Coca-cola, create their own emoji or dress up standard emoji’s for these to reflect their respective company’s spirit.

It is high time that companies considered emoji’s in their communications and advertisements seriously. These little round smileys are now being used as potent marketing tools for a lot of business. They used to have mascots but emoji’s have proven to be more effective. One might think of them as infantile or unprofessional or even inappropriate but people, surprisingly, have found new uses for it and now they are no longer emoticons…they’ve become emoji’s. Oftentimes, we communicate more by using facial expressions. Sometimes, facial expressions provoke us, or inspire us, or make us angry or happy, and sometimes they assure us. Sometimes, just by mere facial expressions, a decision is made. That is why emoji’s are such a joy to see in communications and in business.

Now how often are emoji’s being resorted to nowadays? The Search Engine Journal estimated that 6 billion emoji’s are being sent out every day. Now how could anyone ignore that number which is practically 1 emoji per human being? What I’m saying is this: many big businesses have seen that their ROI increased because of their decision to use emoji for advertising their businesses.  Emoji’s explain why people prefer movies than books even when books are more thorough and detailed. It is because books, like language, are tedious.

Regular letterheads need no longer be boring. You can emphasize with emotions an idea with the use of an emoji. Emotions are universal and an emoji conveys the fact that you know how your customers feel. People are more driven emotionally than mentally that is why the assurance they get from emotions and sentiments is more stirring.

And come on, nobody but nobody will say that emoji’s aren’t cute! They are the cutest thing ever to arrive in the internet. Come to the yellow (well mostly yellow), round (well mostly round), cute and soft and cuddly world of emoji’s and see your business grow like never before!