First Look: New Emoji in iOS 10.2

Image courtesy of Apple

Apple has introduced iOS 10.2 and one of the newest additions is a new emoji or two (or more). Emojis offer an excellent way to share your feelings quickly and effortlessly. You can also tell a story through pictures. So, let’s look into this new emojis available in the new iOS.

Shrugs, Fingers Crossed, and Face Palm

Image courtesy of Apple

One image can say a lot. Emojis are perfect when you just want to send a quick reply, but there are a few that have been missing for a while. When you just want to tell someone that you don’t know the answer, there hasn’t been an emoji for that. Well, now there is, as Apple introduced the shrug. The next time you’re not sure of the answer, just send this your friend’s way.

As well as that, you can stop typing “LOL” or “Muppet!” when all you want to do is face palm. Yes, Apple’s new iOS has introduced the face palm emoji, along with the fingers crossed when you’re hoping for an outcome in your friend’s favor. There’s also the option of a fist bump when you want to congratulate someone.

Thanks to the updated system allowing Unicode 9, all 72 emojis are now compatible with any device running iOS 10.2. These emojis include clown faces (don’t send to someone who is afraid of clowns. They will kill you!), pregnant women, and even a man in a tux. There are also nauseated and sneezing icons just to let people know you’re under the weather.

New Professions Added to iOS 10.2

Image courtesy of Apple

There have regularly been complaints that Apple isn’t inclusive. Well a new emoji or two will help change that. After bringing different skin tones to the platform in a prior update (still available for all emojis), Apple has now introduced different professions. Want to tell someone you’re training to be in the fire service? You can quickly send an emoji of a fire fighter and be on your way!

New sports and animals have also been added to the list of emojis. You can include basketball, water polo and so much more. Don’t forget about the fox faces, owls, and even eagles.

Highly Anticipated Emojis for Both iPad and iPhone


Image courtesy of Apple

All the new emojis will be available on any device that is running the latest iOS. They will be viewable by any others who are running the latest operating system. That means you may get a few odd characters if you’ve not updated but a friend has, so you’ll need to push the update through as soon as possible.

You can send them through the Apple Messages app, which is the most commonly used throughout Apple devices. Some may not be viewable on various platforms such as Facebook or other social media accounts, as not everyone has updated to include the new characters yet.  But of course, Click Emoji is fully updated!

There are now hundreds of emojis to choose from. You’ll never have to use words again to send a message to your friends. Show them exactly how you feel or what you’re doing and share a story through images. Remember, you’ll need to update to the latest iOS to enjoy using a new emoji or two.