ClickEmoji Rap

Shout out iPhone 📱, shout out Samsung, shout out Steve Jobs, shout out Blackberry 🍓

You already know what this is its my emoji rap for all of y’all so get close

Cuz you know how you do sometimes you just want to laugh 😂, sometimes you want to cry 😭

Whenever your texting your boys or girls like where are you baby 👶

No matter what you doing texting the homies like we about to blaze it

Or are we going to chill tonight or you texting that hina or what slide through the dm

You already know this is know protein cuz these rn is money sign 💰 money bank 💸

So much money yeah money all around in case you didn’t know now you know

So many things to chose so if you be wanted to choose cuz i got my emoji

You already know i got that emoji yeah for you thats emoji you won’t understand

It in till you drive into it in your dm you can tell your friends this how we doing it

Yeah so come through so send me emoji send me emoji so come through send me emoji

You already know we living right cuz we do it everyday and every night

In case you didn’t know I’m be texting you how top you send me emoji send me emoji this is fergo your text is straight fergo so turn on fire 🔥 so send your emoji now thats where you get it on put the time ⏳ right now we about to blow up like a bomb 💣 thats what you get it thats where we don’t play