New Official Emojis for 2017

Emojis are a popular way for people to communicate. They offer the chance to share feelings without feeling too self-conscious or worry about long messages. They’re also popular for some fun between friends. 2017 brings a new selection of emoji options for the iOS devices. Here’s a look at the official ones to be added to your phones and smart devices.

Image courtesy of Emojipedia

Got a Secret? Ill? Share More Feelings


If you want someone to keep a secret, there’s now an emoji for that. The face with the finger over the lips will remind many Pretty Little Liars fans of the opening credits. At the same time, a range of other head emojis will be added, including one vomiting green goo, an eyeglass wearer, and a red face with symbols over the mouth indicating a swear word is being used.

Image courtesy of Emojipedia

If those images aren’t enough, you can also use a face with a volcano explosion out of its head and there are a couple of new hand gestures (not rude ones) being added. It’s time to tell your friends to “rock on!”

Flags, More Food, and Animals


Using an emoji is a quick way to tell somebody what you’re thinking about. That will become easier with the new iOS additions for 2017. There are three flags to be added: England, Scotland, and Wales. Northern Irish used won’t need to feel left out. There are some other flags that will be supported, including Northern Ireland, Catalan, and even Texas.

Image courtesy of Emojipedia

Along with that, there are new animals (including the dinosaur),different foods, and even fairies added to the list. Let’s not forget about the warm clothing to wrap up for winter and a few other mystical creatures. Want to share that you’re reading Harry Potter again for the 140th time? Now you can with just one image.

Image courtesy of Emojipedia

More Skin Tones Coming for All


Whether you want to show the job you’re doing or share a movie you’re watching, you can make sure the emoji is in your own skin tone. The general rule is that the yellow smileys will remain yellow but the humans will be given the different skin tones. This technically isn’t new, but what is new is the type of “humans” that are getting the skin tones.

Image courtesy of Emojipedia

Zombies, vampires, and witches will all be considered human for the sake of the characters. Sure, there are some debates about that but it does mean that you can share an image of a mermaid in your own color. However, genies will remain blue and the smileys remain yellow (or red if it’s angry).

Image courtesy of Emojipedia

Official Release


The new emoji list, which is called Emoji 5.0, have been released and are final as of March 27th 2017. It will be up to the individual vendors as to when they will be available across the board. June 2017 has been given as a considered date for the majority of vendors to offer the new characters for all devices.

Unicode 10.0 needs to be released first for the new emojis to show up. This is expected to take place towards the end of June 2017.

These are all emojis that people asked for over the course of 2016. Fans of iOS emojis can continue to put in their requests for the years ahead.